Support Future Artisans Movement (S.F.A.M)

Support Future Artisans Movement (S.F.A.M)

Hello Teachers of budding Future Artisans!

When children are involved in Performance Arts, it is essential for the trainers or parents to source for cosmetics that will be comfortable, easy to be applied, have good color pay-off and most importantly that do not give skin irritation.

Purchasing quality products for your child, does not mean you have to empty your purse.

We aim to provide our dermatologically safe, sanitized, cruelty-free ingredients-laden cosmetics, to you, at a special discount, in support of the children’s education of the Arts.


As the saying goes : No child should be left behind (Education), the same goes for children who are already involved in Performance Arts, but are often cash-strapped when it comes to purchasing cosmetic supplies for their Performances, as good quality cosmetics do not come cheap. This is especially true for children of external Performance Arts schools.

Well not anymore on our watch =)

We aim to alleviate this struggle, by providing our products, at an exclusive subsidized cost.

Our Story

We used to be in Indian Dance CCA in both Primary and Secondary School (about 2 decades ago) so we definitely can understand how crucial cosmetics are, when it comes to performances and competitions such as the S.Y.F (Singapore Youth Festival)


Through S.F.A.M, we support budding artisans by providing affordable, and sustainable cosmetics that they can use for the Arts, which not only helps with their performance, but also soothes their skin through the healing properties of our cosmetics


Through S.F.A.M as they grow into young adults, these budding artisans will use our cosmetics for events, other than performances.

Our products are suitable for oily and combination skin. Just like shoes, makeup is for everyone! It is not only meant for self-grooming, but it also serves as an outlet for creative expression. And this is our way of helping the budding Artisans community.

Why choose S.F.A.M for your students’ cosmetic needs?

While it is crucial that a child attends every practise session, it is also essential that you make an informed decision, on only providing cosmetics which are nourishing, and safe to be applied on the child.

Comfortable and soothing makeup on the skin, not only protects the skin, but it also allows the child to perform without hesitation  – No skin irritation, no melting makeup = Happier, confident child =)

If you are a Student, not a Teacher

Hey fear not! We got you covered too =)

The S.F.A.M Discount is applicable to all education institutes – Primary and Secondary schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities Institutes of Technical Education, Specialized Learning Institutes such as SOTA (School of the Arts Singapore), LASALLE College of the Arts, and we are more than happy to cater to children from Special Needs Schools too

Terms & Conditions :-

Currently applicable for Singaporeans only.

Purchases can be only done by students aged 18 and above (for this Discount)

For Primary and Secondary Schools : Teachers-in-charge of the CCAs

For Junior Colleges & other Learning Institutes : Students aged 18 and above.


Get your S.F.A.M discount now, by following these easy steps

1)  Email us -> from your School / Institution’s domain email

      Provide the evidence that you are in-charge-of OR member of a Performing Arts group.

2)  State your order

3)  We will give you the discount code to key in for your checkout.

      And that’s all you need to do!


While you are at it, don’t be a stranger! Welcome to the FAM! <3

Spread the word on S.F.A.M with your peers & colleagues.


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