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Very awesome seller! Kind and informative. Goes beyond the mile in terms of customer service. Product is definitely very pigmented! 🙂   -26th Feb 2017

To make it wearable, I have carefully and applied these highly pigmented eyeshadows thinly and blended it out. For an editorial look, you might want to dab these highly loose pigments gently on your eyelids. A little does go a long way!  -7th June 2017

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Testing out beautiful new colors from @rising.phoenix.makeupmakeup !!! So in love with their eyeshadow palette!!!!! Just a small dab on my brush and the colors just blend beautifully into the skin, the pigments are so gorgeous and vivid!! The best part is.. There is absolutely no fall out when I apply them, so so easy to use!! I also used it as a highlighter!! -12th May 2017 

My gosh…Love these eyeshadows by Rising Phoenix. They are a local cosmetic brand that handmake their products. The colors are so intense… I especially loveeee this texture. I dabbed a tiny bitt with my brush and the colors just blended so nicely with such intensity!! I look forward to more colors!!!I even used a little of it for highlighting. I want more!!! How about some mermaid colors?? Or beautiful neutral shades! I just love this texture! -19th May 2017

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《Shape-shifter: A shimmery duochrome shadow》
Now that I’ve finally tried this, I’m quite possibly in love with this.
To be very honest, I was quite apprehensive about trying this duochrome eyeshadow out initially because the colours in it looked quite intimidating to me at first. It’s a unique blend of warm rusty brown with heaps and heaps of green shimmery particles/reflexes. Not easy to capture the green shift though.
But anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at how neutral looking this shadow actually is when applied and that green shimmers sort of made this neutral looking look a fresher look. It’s quite a unique combination and look imo and it’s something that I never thought I’ll ever try and be able to pull off. 😁
Their shimmers are hands down my favourite type of shadows that they have and I can actually see myself purchasing this once it runs out. 😍 Once again, thank you for sending this my way and giving me the chance to try out your products! 😁
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to try out but I assure you, I keep it 100% real as usual. 😎 – 7 June 2017

I am fricking in love with Face Beam “Aegir”! 😍 To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to love this product as much because I honestly have so many highlighters, I thought this was just going to be another highlighter in my collection. Boy, was I wrong! This turns out to be my favourite out of the lot! 😂
Also, when I first swatched this on my finger, I wasn’t too impressed because it looked so chalky. But again, boy was I wrong! The minute I swiped this across my arm, the product sort of spreads out and melts seamlessly into my skin, giving this gorgeous glow with a bit of green reflex. Seriously I do not know how to describe the sorcery that this is but I was honestly blown away by how glowy this was! And the green reflex didn’t made it look weird but instead enhanced the whole glow factor imho.
I really love it! I’ve been using it for a couple of times now on my cheekbones, cupid’s bow and the inner corner of my eyes and I really can’t get enough of this. I’m guessing that this product probably picks up chalky due to the fact that this was handmade and pressed manually and also the fact that the product is so finely milled, it picks up a punch!
I’m so in love with this product and I’d love to share with you guys just how gorgeous this is but it’s just so difficult to capture it as accurately as possible on pictures and videos. I really hope you guys can see it though. I tried my best.
Also, I used their blush “Elixir” on my cheeks. Again, the colour payoff is so rich, I’m pretty sure this will look so pretty on medium to darker skin tone. And that’s what this company aims to do! Personally on me, this was a tad too dark and bright for me. lol. I have to blend and blend it away to give the subtle kind of blush that I much prefer. But once blended out well and topped with “Aegir”, I’m in love all over again and couldn’t stop staring at my cheeks! Lol.- 22 May 2017

Swatches from metallic eyeshadow trio.
These eyeshadows are so pigmented that it was really easy to swatch these. I really needed to glide over once, and very lightly, to get that kind of pigmentation. Mind blown!
Now now, I have to be honest here. I’ve always been a boring basic kinda girl when it comes to eyeshadows so these shadows scare me a little (in a good way) just because of how intense they are! Just look at that colour payoff!
But, I’ll definitely get my friend, @ezzalees(and my part time model 😂), to try this on because she is much bolder when it comes to eye colours and I can just imagine how stunning these will be on her! Can’t wait to see what kind of looks she’ll come out with!
@ezzalees, we will be seeing each other very soon! Haha but after my exams (22nd may) please! 😫
By the way, anyone else agree with me that these are some of the cutest shade names? No? Just me? I like to read so .. seeing names like these excites me. Cheap thrills. Hahah! 😅- 15th May 2017

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Love the eyeshadows!!! Got mine pressed! Very pigmented but thr is fallout, but its fine. Super patient seller as well!!! And very pretty!!-2nd Jan 2016, via carousell

New years face!! Using pressed glitter!!! Super pigmented!!! -31st December 2016

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My sister and I have purchased 12 colours in the past 1 year from Rising Phoenix and I am very pleased with my eyeshadow collection.Rising Phoenix has a wide range of colours in both matte and shimmer making it easy for both of us to find our desired colours. Being a shimmer and glitter fan myself, and my sister more of matte loving, the range of eyeshadows worked for both of us. The colours are also highly pigmented, requiring very little application and are long lasting. Those days I have my ladies night out, the eye makeup that I do in the morning, without primer, lasts till late night, keeping it fresh.The services offered here are just as good or even better than the products themselves. Not being a makeup pro, I simply showed them my attire for the functions and they recommended me the perfect colors to go with it.They actually went a step ahead to do a video to demo how to apply the makeup the proper way to get the desired look, without me even asking for one. Also even though in certain occasions, I had already picked out certain colours to get a look that I had envisioned, they did spice it up with other suggestions as well.Overall, Rising Phoenix is the place to go to and I am looking forward to their Matte Maven series. – Anandhi Kalaivanan, 2nd October 2012, via Facebook

Bought 18 (+2 complimentary) colours and I absolutely adore them. It’s great how the pigmentation allows one to play around with the intensity of the colour and versatile enough to fit any look am going for. I am looking forward to newer colours and shades being made available for the new year. Thanks to you, I have eyeshadow colours that would last and compliment me. Have even ventured to try colours tha I never knew I could wear, like reds and oranges. Looking forward to my next order 🙂 – Sutha Wasudevan, 28th December 2010, via Facebook

Love the flattering range of intense colours, the amazing longevity of the pigment effects and the great customer service. Very wearable, and surprisingly versatile – keep a few jars on hand and you’re good to go from the office to a fancy date night. I’m glad I decided to try these pigments out. I’m never buying regular old eyeshadow again! Makes for really cute Christmas stocking-stuffers too 🙂 – Melody Tan, 7th November 2010, via Facebook

And of course the two favourite shades of mine are the two more neutral ones: Top – I walk alone, but the shadows are company enough (peachy eyeshadow with an orange and icy pink shift) & Bottom – Trust is for the foolish, and the dead (taupe eyeshadow with an icy gray-blue shift). Their shade names are a mouthful but their backstories are always an interesting read. 😊

Anyway, I actually wore the shadows mixed with a couple of other shadows as a transition and crease colours to a First Aid Course that I went to and a friend of mine, @shaedora, actually commented on how much she liked the eye look! So that’s a plus! But unfortunately, I didn’t took any snapshots of the eye look on that actual day. So I actually went to re-create the look, with slight variations, for this. 🤣 And I love it!

Apart from the fact that these are the kind of colours I gravitate towards, I also find that these shadows are so easy to blend. There can be quite a fair bit of fall out due to its intense pigmentation but tapping on it instead of swirling the brush helps a lot! Also, the course was quite a physically intense course and the weather was extremely hot on that day and yet the shadows lasted decently well for a good 14 hours or so! So far so good!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to like the taupey shadow as much because it kinda look like a dark gunmetal colour but I was honestly surprised at how wearable it actually is once applied on the lid, thanks to it being a duochrome colour. It’s my absolute favourite! More than the peachy one which I already knew that I was going to like even before trying it out. The taupey one really blew me away! 😍 Liking these shadows so far and am pumped to try out the rest of the shades – whitepaperboat, 9th October 2017, via Instagram

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